Cooperation approach

How do we approach cooperation?
How do we approach cooperation?

A partnership approach based on co-design

  • We establish relationships based on mutual trust and close collaboration
  • All our assignments start with a diagnosis which enables us to accurately identify your challenges, and your room for manoeuvre
  • We adapt our methodologies to your specific context for each of our missions
  • We formalize and transfer methods used during the mission, for assimilation by internal teams

A methodological rigor based on the cross-fertilization between academic research and our diversified practical experience

  • We invest in constant research in our fields of expertise to stimulate the development of innovative approaches
  • We nurture our approach with academic research dealing with the systemic approach, the cognitive sciences, the philosophy of action, the psychosociology of organizations, the economic sciences
  • We adapt our methodologies and design specific approaches for each of our missions to maximize the efficiency and efficacy of our contributions

A governance set up to ensure the qualitative monitoring of our support

  • For each assignment, our project leader is accountable for the quality of the support, in close collaboration with the client project leader
  • The progress of our interventions is completely formalized and shared with the client project sponsor, in accordance with the quality charter defined for the assignment


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